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Well, not so good start

After a lazy day at work, I came home planning to continue working with a friend’s project at 6:30PM after I eat. Guess when I really started to work on it? At 12:40AM (midnight). :O  Sure my mind right now is trying to find endless excuses and reasons why I procrastinated again for so long (6 hours). Right at this moment I’m really amazed how much I used to procrastinate and leave tasks and jobs for later and later and later…

If only today I wasted minimally 6 hours, it means I wasted at least 42 hours in a week, or 180 hours a month or…. 2190 hours in one year! and this is only a minimum!

Seriously, this made me re-think where I’m now, with no goals achieved yet. GOALS? I should be drunk or idiot to even think to achieve anything with all of this wasted time I used to have.

I guess this calculation is the first good thing I got from this blog that will help me gradually eliminate the procrastination 🙂 To be honest, I really hate this and I want to destroy this pattern. In the coming days I’m gonna try to eliminate it by working harder than I used to, until it becomes a natural habit to not procrastinate.

In the last two months, I have come across many self-motivation and self-development books, audiobooks and videos and I have applied quite a bit of the methods suggested there. I may not change everything in a second, but deep down in my heart and in my consciousness I’m truly committed to make a huge change before the end of this year.

It’s the right time to  make a lasting change and to prove myself and show to the world that I’m worth more than I’m living currently.

I’m really excited to get better results tomorrow. Yayyyyyy 🙂
One last bit: I most probably will stay up all night to complete my friend’s project as it’s time is expiring. Well, that’s what my brain has to pay because of procrastination. Hopefully “he” will learn from this experience. Oh… I know you may be thinking: “why the hell should you do your friend’s project? And moreover why should you stay up at night for it? Isn’t this a direct violation of your new rules for success?”

-Obviously it is a violation of my new rules for success. But this is my friend’s last project (the very last, final ) and I just wanted to do it as I’m the only one who has the skills and abilities to do it faster and successfully because the time is now very limited.

Got it? Great. Now I’ll continue working on it so shhhttttt….. ‘night 🙂



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