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Yeyyy I’m glad to be back here again… :)

I’m back again to my Mindset Master baby 🙂 Wow, two months passed so fast and the baby is like a reference of my re-born. During these 2 months quite some great positive things happened in my life:

  1. I got the university diploma on 14th October 2011.
  2. I was very busy at work and this brings more authority and importance there for me.
  3. I started doing gym at home everyday and decided to not lose a single day for 30 days in a row. Since I started on 19th November, I plan to continue doing gym until at least 19th December. Until then this will become like a natural habit and there is a good chance I will continue gym for much longer. Hey I’m making muscles so think twice before dealing with me 😀
  4. I found a really powerful method on internet to break procrastination. It is called The Pomodoro Technique and its principle is very simple: Whenever you don.t like to do a task or are too lazy to do something, start a timer (can be a clock, countdown timer software etc) and set the timer expire after 25 minutes. Now start doing the task you were lazy about, for these 25 minutes and focus on it only. Exclude every other thought for these 25 minutes.Not only this thought of 25 minutes to do your task will help you, but you will be more motivated to continue and finish whatever you started, even after the time expired. I’m applying this technique to get me do gym, with 100% success rate to date.
  5. I have been trying my mind for about 3 months now to get detached from anything I know it’s not good. Without any awareness I used to develop a deep connection with someone I know I should not. And recently I noticed it started to transform in some kind of addiction. I could not stay one day without communicating or writing to her (yes, you guessed it, she is a girl :p 🙂 . November was a transformation month on this matter. I trained myself to stay many days without contacting her and even without thinking of her more than few seconds. And it feels great! There is an awesome feeling when you do things that before seemed very difficult.
  6. I got to find a very powerful self mastery program called “11 Forgotten Lars” by Bob Proctor & Mary Morrissey. I would really suggest you find and listen to it.

Now I want to finish this post with the most powerful definition I learned this year:

Making a decision means cutting off every other possibility to happen otherwise. Decision does NOT accept excuses!

Start applying this concept in every decision you make and I promise you will start seeing positive things happening in your life in a matter of week-days.

Until next article here,
live free,
live powerful.



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