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Yeyyy I’m glad to be back here again… :)

I’m back again to my Mindset Master baby 🙂 Wow, two months passed so fast and the baby is like a reference of my re-born. During these 2 months quite some great positive things happened in my life: I got the university diploma on 14th October 2011. I was very busy at work and this … Continue reading

Well, not so good start

After a lazy day at work, I came home planning to continue working with a friend’s project at 6:30PM after I eat. Guess when I really started to work on it? At 12:40AM (midnight). :O  Sure my mind right now is trying to find endless excuses and reasons why I procrastinated again for so long … Continue reading

Why am I here?

Since a long time now, I have that feeling that I’m worth more than I’m living and this feeling kinda blocks me moving forward. I want to express here my plain thoughts and achievements , no hidden meanings, no B.S. I have always had this fear of completely revealing my thoughts because most of the … Continue reading